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How to take care of your  JUNe socks

Unpack your new socks... That makes sense.

Take them off straight after the ride and pull them inside out.

Let your fresh and clean dry on a rack.

Try on your pair and go for a ride. But don't go to fast so everyone can see your new socks !

Wash at 30°C, never over. Add laundry and softener if you'd like.

Once dry carefully pack your socks in your drawer (no need to iron) or just go back for another ride... Fit on and lets go for round 2 !!!

Grandma's remedy for a grease stain on your socks :
For a grease stain on your socks, you want to start by absorbing the excess of oil with some paper towel. Then you should rub a black soap on the stain and let it sit for at least 3 hours.
After this, wipe with a dish-washing liquid soaked cloth before either hand or machine wash.

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